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George Monfils is a contemporary artist always experimenting with new mediums. George Monfils was born in Belgium and grew up in France. When he was a teen he moved to New York City.

Monfils finds inspiration from Andy Warhol and Paul Gauguin.  Monfils refers to his style as Nouveaux Pop.

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Below a link to the website of the artist:


In this clip George Monfils recreates the master piece by Vermeer titled “Girl with a Pearl Earring,”:

The artist is self taught and often works with acrylic paint.

Below a great interview with the artist:


Monfils has been very successful licensing his work. The artist has appeared on luggage, cups, and pillows.

The artist often has great ideas behinds his finished works. The great image in the gallery with the records is titled ” Downloads killed vinyl.” The death of the record industry is shown by the skull.

Its amazing the different textures the artist creates depending on which side of the pencil he uses, the flat or the sharpened side.

Monfils does a great job of breathing new life into well known works such as Vermeer’s masterpiece. Another contemporary artist who reworks classic well known works is the French artist Bernard Pras.