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Kiyomi Baird is a painter, photographer, and digital artist. Baird grew up in California alongside her grandmother who came to the United States from Japan.

When the artist was three years of age, her father gave her a box of art materials. She created art daily, and she still does! Maiking art is a great addiction to have!

Baird attended the University of California at Berkeley. In addition she studied abroad in Germany and Switzerland.

In this clip we visit the house of the artist and see some of her own art collection:

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Below we view an interview with the artist. No works are shown in this clip:


Below a link to the website of the artist:


Baird does a great job at finding unique patterns and shapes in her work. Her work is a great blend of contrasts including light vs. dark shapes and organic vs. geometric shapes. Baird also creates a great variety of textures on the painting surfaces.