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Thomas Downing was a modernist American painter who emphasized color and often worked with the circle in his work. Thomas Downing was born in Suffolk, Virginia in the year 1925. Downing is associated with the Color Field movement.

Downing earned a b.f.a. from Randolph- Macon College located in Ashland, Virginia. Downing also attended the Pratt Institute located in Brooklyn, New York.

The artist also studied with Ken Noland at Catholic University located in Washington D.C. It was Noland, who was a founder of the Color Field movement, that heavily influenced the artist.

Downing was part of the teaching faculty at the Corcoran College of Art and Design located in Washington D.C.

Similar to other artists associated with the Color Field movement Downing also worked with shaped canvases.

Thomas Downing passed away in 1985 at the age of 57 years of age.

When I first saw the work of this artist I was reminded of the circle paintings of Damien Hirst.