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Marvin Jim Begay is a world renown wood carver of figurines and rattles. Marvin Jim Begay was born in near Chinle, Arizona in the year 1961.

When he was a child there were no legos or commercially produced toys for him to play with, so he began carving his own toys out of wood. Begay carved trucks and figures.

Marvin Jim Begay and Grace married in 1993. She convinced him to chase his dreams and become a professional full time artist. On most of their works Marvin Jim is the carver and Nancy the painter of the carvings.

In this clip a great interview with the artists:

Its interesting to the compare the rattles of the Native American tribes with those of the First Nations tribes of the Northwest United States and Canada.

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Below we view some rattles made by the duo:

What a great husband and wife team!