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Ramon Orlina is a contemporary glass master sculptor and architect. Ramon Orlina was born in the Philippines in the year 1944. Orlina produces table top sculptures, murals, and tables.

Orlina earned a bachelor of science degree in the field of architecture from the University of Santo Tomas. This Catholic university is located in Manila.

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Orlina has also created works in public spaces in the countries of Singapore and Hong Kong.

In addition to glass Orlina works with steel and concrete.

The artist has won two prestigious awards from Biennial events in the countries of Japan and Spain.

Below a link to the website of the artist:


Below we visit the house of the artist and see many of his works:

The artist is based out of Manila,Philippines.

What an incredible master of medium. Its great that he shows such wide variety of styles in his work from abstract to his work that concentrates on the curves of the female form.