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Martin Kippenberger was German painter who helped lead the Neo Expressionist movement. Martin Kippenberger was born in Dortmund, West Germany in the year 1953. Kippenberger was a painter, photographer, printmaker, and installation artist.

Kippenberger was one of five children, he was the lone boy. His father was in charge of a coal mine. When the artist was young, his mother was killed at a coal mine by a falling pallet that fell from a truck. The artist received enough money to live on and did not need to work.

Kippenberger attended the Hochschule für Bildende Kunst located in Hamburg, Germany.

One artist that influenced Kippenberger was Sigmar Polke.

Kippenberger also was a professor at the Städelschule and the Kassel Art Academy.

Martin Kippenberger passed away in 1997 from complications of liver cancer. He was 44 years of age.

Below part one of a great piece on the art of Martin Kippenberger with our friend James Kalm:

Price range: The artist has had sales of his work surpass the $1 million dollar mark at auction.

Part two of our journey with James Kalm about Martin Kippenberger:


What is most impressive about Kippenberger was his tremendous output. When it comes to his prolific output and his variety of mediums, Kippenberger is on par with Andy Warhol.