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Miguel Covarrbubias was one of the best caricature artists in history. Miguel Covarrubias was born in Mexico City, Mexico in the year 1904. Covarrubias was also a painter of murals, a printmaker, a writer, and anthropologist.

The artist was very intelligent graduating from high school when he was fourteen years old. After graduation he found work in the Mexican Department of Education. His job was to create caricatures and illustrations used in training manuals and texts.

When the artist was nineteen years of age he moved to New York City. The artist was very talented and within a brief period of time he was doing illustration work the largest magazines of the time including Vanity Fair and the New Yorker. 

In this clip the National Portrait Gallery talks about the artist:


The artist was also a theater set designer. Covarrubias helped to design the stage for the show that made the African- American dancer Josephine Baker famous in Paris, France.

Price range information: Works range from $10,000 to $750,000. The artist worked in watercolor, oils, gouache. He was a prolific printmaker.

Covarrubias was also a teacher at the School of National History. The artist was very interested in culture and published books on the culture of Mexico, and also that of Native American Indians.

Below a great montage of works by the artist:


Miguel Covarrubias passed away in 1957.

What a great style of caricature! Funny but instantly recognizable.