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Ralph Humphrey was an American Abstract Expressionist painter. Ralph Humphrey was born in Youngstown, Ohio in the year 1932.

The artist attended Youngstown State University. Humphrey moved to New York City in 1956.

For the last 24 years of his life Humphrey was part of the teaching faculty at Hunter College located in New York City.

Ralph Humphrey passed away in 1990 at the age of 58 years of age.

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The artist worked in many mediums including oils, pastels, collage, and acrylics. Most window works were created using casein and modeling paste.

Humphrey was based out of New York City.

The artist is part of the permanent collections of the Whitney Museum of Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I enjoy the abstract qualities of Ralph Humphrey. My favorite works of his are the works that resemble windows. These works contain geometric shapes arranged in very interesting visual patterns.