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Georgiana Houghton was a British painter who was immersed in the world of spirits. Georgiana Houghton was born in Las Palmas in the Spanish part of the Canary Islands in 1814.  She would later relocated to London, England.

Houghton enjoyed the spirit world and on certain occasions would perform seances. During these times she would also draw the spirits she was trying to communicate with.

Houghton enjoyed working in graphite and watercolor.

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In 2016 Houghton will have her own exhibition for the first time since 1851.

Georgiana Houghton passed away in 1884.

What a great style of abstract art. Houghton mastered the use of line and shape in her work. Often times its hard to see at first glance where a line begins and where it finishes. Houghton also had a great use of color.