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Elizabeth Neel is a contemporary abstract painter. Elizabeth Neel was born in the U.S. state of Vermont in the year 1975. Neel attended Brown University located in Princeton, New Jersey where she earned a B.F.A. Neel went to earn a M.F.A. from Columbia University located in New York City.

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In this clip a brief interview with Elizabeth Neel talking about how she became engaged in the art world:

Some recurring themes in the work of this artist are decomposition and preservation.

Below we visit an exhbition for Neel that took place in 2012:


The artist is based out of New York City.

Neel usually paints in oils.

What a great mix of abstract and organic shapes. Neel selective use of color makes her images jump from the canvas. Also interesting is the many ways the artist applies paint from a brushstroke to spatters and drips. This gives the painting surface a wonderful texture.