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Ted Lincoln is a contemporary painter. Ted Lincoln was born in Wareham, Massachusetts in the year 1974. Lincoln is a master visual artist renown for creating landscapes with Sumi ink, and also for using characters from the film series Star Wars in his works.

Lincon attended Sante Fe Community College located in Gainesville, Florida. Lincoln went on to earn a B.F.A. degree from the San Francisco Art Institute.

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Lincoln served as an apprentice to sculptor Carl Dern for 3 years.

The artist is based out of Florida.

The artist often works with gold and mother of pearl inlay in his works dealing with Star Wars.

The sumi ink landscapes are a great example of contemporary Eastern landscape painting. The artist does a great job depicting organic shapes with much movement.

My favorite works of this artists are his works of the Star Wars characters. Its a great contrast to have the shiny and metallic surface of the airplane on top of the weathered wood.