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Aurora Robson is a Canadian contemporary artist who works in many mediums including painting, sculpture, and collage. Aurora Robson was born in Toronto, Canada in the year 1972.

Robson grew up in Hawaii, and attended Columbia University in New York City where she earned degrees in visual arts and art history. She briefly attended the Central Technical School of Fine Arts located in Toronto, Canada.

Robson is a past recipient of a Pollack Krasner grant.

In this clip an interview with Aurora Robson:

Much of her body of work in the field of collage is made up of discarded junk mail.

A portion of Robson’s work centers on nightmares she had as a child.

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When making a sculpture the artist often employs recycled materials. In this clip we take a closer look at one of these works:

Robson has a great eye for producing works that are very pleasing to look at be it painting or a sculpture. The artist does a great job at creating unique shapes in both her collages and her paintings. A true multimedia master!