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Rover Thomas was an Australian Aboriginal painter. Rover Thomas was born in Western Australia in the year 1926.

Thomas and a fellow Aboriginal artist named Paddy Tjamati began painting landscapes and broke from traditional Aboriginal painting methods. Many of the artist’s works deal with the surrounding landscape of Kimberly country. Thomas enjoyed using the color ochre in his works.

The artist was a participant in the Venice Biennial.

In this clip some works by the artist are discussed in further detail:

Rover Thomas passed away in 1998.

Price range information: Thomas was a prolific painter and occasionally produced silkscreens and etchings. Prices range from $10,000 to $400,000.

Another work is looked at in closer detail:

Thomas is part of the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Victoria.

What a great mix of abstract and representational painting. His work reminds me of the painter Richard Diebenkorn and his Ocean Park series.