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Juan Harrison is a contemporary sculptor. Juan Harrison was born in the year 1953. Harrison represents the Dine Navajo Nation.

Harrison was inspired to become an artist because of his uncle who was a folk artist named Johnson Antonio.

The artist was an art show and he saw his reflection in the sunglasses of an art collector. Harrison got the idea to create similar works from this experience. Many of his work feature people wearing sunglasses.

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Harrison gets ideas for his work by observing people at ceremonies and at leisure.

The artist finds wood for his carvings along the San Juan River.

Harrison is working towards a goal of becoming a full time artist. For now he works as an artist and also in the construction industry.

What a great style! Very similar to the Inuit or Shona artists who do a great job at capturing their unique lifestyle. Harrison’s work is great because it combines newer items from contemporary culture, such as sunglasses, with traditional Native American ideas such as clothing.