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Jessica Drenk is a contemporary artist who has worked in many mediums inluding pencils, books, porcelain, and toilet paper. Jessica Drenk was born in the year 1980. Drenk grew up in Montana.

Drenk attended Pomona College located in Claremont, California where she earned a bachelor of arts degree. She went on to earn an M.F.A. in 3D art from the University of Arizona.

Below a link to the website of the artist:


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In this clip we view art made out of carved pencils and wood:

The artist is now based out of Florida.

Drenk is part of the permanent collection of the Yale University Art Gallery.

Below we view a fantastic work by Jessica Drenk made from old books:

Drenk has such a creative mind and is already to explore a new medium. Her works that are made of pencils are amazing for their abstract qualities. Even her book works are unique because if you were to glance at it quickly the viewer would not believe it is a book!