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Daniel Richter is a German painter working in a contemporary style often composing works with many people. Daniel Richter was born in Lutjenberg, Germany in the year 1962. Richter attended the Univeristy of Fine Arts located in Hamburg, Germany.

Price range information: Works range from $10,000 to $250,000. Richter works in oils, gouache, ink, and was also an avid printmaker.

Richter began his career working as a designer of record albums.

In this clip we visit an exhibition featuring the work of Daniel Richter:

Richter splits his time between Berlin and Hamburg, Germany.

The artist is part of many promiment collections including the Museum of Modern Art locted in New York. He is also featured in the Centre Georges Pompidou located in Paris, France.

Below an interview with Daniel Richter:

Daniel Richter does a great job at composing his works with so many figures in them. Richter is able to give them each a different kind of emotion. His work seems very lively. His use of color is also outstanding.