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Steve Locatelli is a fantastic street artist from Belgium whose favorite subject matter is the human skull. Locatelli was born in Brussels, Belgium. The artist began working with graffiti in the 1990’s.

In addition to skulls the artist paints often portrays guns and animals.

Locatell is self taught. He began to work on canvas in 2007.

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Below we view a mural made by Locatelli in 2012:

The artist enjoys working with skulls as a favorite subject matter because it shows how connected we are as humans. The skull isn’t a man or woman, or African American or Chinese, when you see it the viewer just relates to the skull.

The artist is based out of Antwerp, Belgium.

In this clip we view another mural made by Locatelli in 2016:

Steve Locatelli would be a great artist for the Mexican holiday the Day of the Dead! His skulls are remarkable not only for their technical portrayal of anatomy, but also for his use of color.