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Haas and Hahn are a Dutch street artist duo from the Netherlands. The duo are known for their large and colorful murals.

Jereon Koolhaas is from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He attended the Academy of Design located in Eindoven, the Netherlands where he studied graphics design. The artist is now a free lance illustrator. Works by the artist have been published in the New Yorker magazine.

Dre Urhahn is from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Urhahn attended college at Leiden University where he studied Chinese language and culture. The artist never received any formal art training.

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The duo’s most famous work has been some paintings done in the favelas of Rio de Janiero, Brazil. These works are very large and colorful murals. In this clip we view a short documentary on the favela project:


Another interesting project was a collaboration with HUB Footwear.

Haas and Hahn are great examples of how great art and color can make a huge diffrence in neighborhoods were hope might temporarily seem to be lost.

Another great ascpect of the favela project was that they employed and trained 25 people to help with the project, so an economic boost to the local economy was also given in that sense.