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Michael Charles Spafford is a printmaker often working with the male and female silhouette. Michael Spafford was born in Palm Springs, California in the year 1935.

The artist attended Riverside Junior College and Pomona College located in Claremont, California. Spafford also attended Harvard University where he earned a M.F.A.

Spafford started his professional career working for an advertising agency and specializing in lettering and layouts whilst he was in high school.

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After graduation from college the Spafford relocated to Mexico City, Mexico. The artist remained in the country for three years.

In this clip we get some detail on a controversial piece by the artist titled the Twelve Labors of Hercules:


Spafford married a fellow art student he met in college. Her name is Elizabeth Sandvig.

The artist is based out of Seattle, Washington.

Spafford’s style of overt sexuality is similar to that of the African- American printmaker Kara Walker. Spafford’s work is very bold and direct. Spafford’s sytle is also similar to Keith Haring, both have a primative feeling.