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Calvin Nicholls is a contemporary sculptor from Canada who uses paper as his medium of choice. Nicholls often creates animals with birds being his main subject. His landscape works that feature scenes from snow covered Canada are amazing.

Nicholls attended Sheridan College located in Oakville, Ontario. The artist studied graphics design.

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After finishing college the artist worked for an advertising gency before striking out and beginning his design own firm.

Nicholls first began working with paper sculpture in 1984.

His first edition of prints was made in 1989.

In this clip we view Calvin Nicholls create a work:

The artist created works for a children’s book that was published in 2002.

Below a link to the website of the artist:


Nicholls is a strong supporter of animal conservation efforts.

Below some additional works by the artist:

What an incredible artist! A unique style that shows how paper can be used to create art using three dimensions rather than the usual two.