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Ramon Martins is a contemporary street artist from Brazil. Ramon Martins born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in the year 1981. Martins’ style can be descibed as a mixture of Pop Art and psychedelic imagery.

Martins earned a bachelor of arts degree from the Escola Guignard located in Minas, Gerais, Brazil.

The artist works in many mediums including spray paint, acrylics, and watercolors.

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In this clip we view Ramon Martins at work in Amsterdam, the Netherlands:

Below a link to the website of this artist:


In this clip we watch the artist create a piece in 2016:

Martins has a wonderful bright color palette. The artist creates vivid works using complimentary colors. The grass he paints is very lively.

His work with portraiture reminds the viewer of the San Francisco Bay Area artists.