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Roberto Dutesco is a contemporary photographer renown for his imagery of horses. Roberto Dutesco was born in Bucharest, Romania in the year 1961. Dutesco also works with film and is a painter.

The artist attended the Bucharest National University of the Arts. Dutesco also studied  in Montreal, Canada at the Dawson Institute of Photography.

Dutesco is also a fashion photographer.

The artist began photographing horses in early 1990’s. He found a location in Canada called Sable Island, Nova Scotia where nearly 400 feral horses lived.

In this clip we view some of the artist’s signature work with horses:

Dutesco has also photographed world leaders including the former Prime Minister of Canada and the Dalai Lama.

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The artist has worked with film producing works that deal with his adventures with wild horses, and also documenting his travels around the world. Dutesco’s work has been shown in the famed Tribeca Film Festival.

Roberto Dutesco found his favorite subject, the wild horses, nearly three decades ago. His work with this subject is remarkable. Another photographer who also works with animals, mainly the disappearing animals of Africa, Nick Brandt.