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Henry Darger is now given credit for being a star in the outsider artist movement. Henry Darger was born in Chicago, Illinois in the year 1892. Darger is perhaps best known for a series of tomes he created titled In the Realms of the Unreal.

The book was very large, 15 volumes of 145 pages each, that showed how abused and neglected children rebelled to find their path in the world. In many works the artist saw himself as the protector of children.

Henry Darger was four years old when his mother died giving birth to his sister. The artist never met his sister in life as she was given up for adoption.

The father of Henry Darger was crippled and eventually moved to a Catholic Mission home when Henry Darger was 8 years of age. Henry Darger was placed in a Catholic Boys School. The artist father passed away in 1905. The artist was sent to the Lincoln State School.

Eventually Henry Darger escaped from the state sponsored school for boys. The artist found a job as a janitor in a Catholic hospital where he would work until he retired in 1963.

Darger explored many mediums including ink, watercolor, and gouache. The artist was also a prolific writer.

In this clip we view the apartment of Henry Darger in 1973:

Henry Darger passed away in 1973. He was 81 years of age.

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Below we catch up with our friend James Kalm to view an exhibition featuring the work of Henry Darger:

Except for a brief period of time during World War 1, Henry Darger attended daily Catholic mass.

Henry Darger seemed to be surrounded by sad and tragic events during his lifetime. Its too bad that the art world didn’t discover him until his passing. His work is similar to that of Egon Schiele.