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Dudley Edwards is a painter and draftsman who specializes in textile design. Edwards was also the premier artist for the Beatles. Dudley Edwards was born in Halifax, Yorkshire in the year 1944.

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Edwards attended the Halifax School of Art. The artist went on to further studies at the Bradford College of Art.

The artist relocated to London, England in 1965.

Edwards helped to paint the piano which now rests in Paul McCartney’s house. Two of the Beatle’s stars, Ringo Star and McCartney, also commissioned him to paint murals in their houses. Edwards would stay in their houses for periods of time up to six months in length.

Edwards formed a collaborative duo with artist Michael McInnerney which became known as OM Tentacle. The duo created many record album covers and posters using a pyschedelic style.

Below a great interview with the artist:

Edwards helped with founding a family business that creates wall hangings and rugs for celebrities.

Douglas Edwards work with is linked to one of the greatest bands of all time for his ability to capture the energy of the time. The artist also has a great eye for color.