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Eva Zeisel was an internationally renown ceramist and industrial design. Eva Ziesel was born in Budapest, Hungary in the year 1906. Her family was a wealthy family, her father owned a textile factory.

The artist’s family was well educated with her mother being the first woman to earn a Phd from the University of Budapest. She also had two uncles that who were internationally renown for their work in science and economics.

The artist attended the Royal School of Fine Arts Budapest where she originally studied painting. Eventually Ziesel was exposed to ceramics and was made an apprentice to a master ceramist.

She found employment in the field of industrial design working with tableware. She enjoyed combining modern lines and curves with traditional shapes.

In 1946 the artist was the first woman to be given a solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art located in New York City.

Zeisel was married to a sociologist and collegiate professor. They raised two children.

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In this clip a short story about her journey to the United States:


Eva Zeisel passed away in 2011 , she was 105 years of age!

Eva Zeisel had a wonderful eye for not eye candy with wonderful colorful combinations and great organic shapes!