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Marcia Kure is a contemporary painter working both with the human figure, and also as an abstract painter. Marcia Kure was born in Kano City, Nigeria in the year 1970. The artist attended the University of Nigeria where she earned a bachelor of arts degree in painting.

Kure served as artist in residence at the Victoria and Albert Museum located in London, England.

In this clip a curator talks about an exhibition featuring the work of Marcia Kure:

Some recurring motifs for the artist include the abuse of women, and the experience of motherhood. The artist often paints in watercolor.

Kure finds inspiration for her work from African Cave paintings and the contemporary African textile and fabric market.

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The artist is based out of Princeton, New Jersey.

Marcia Kure has a fantastic sense of design. Her works border the line of complete abstraction with a slight touch of realism with the human figure.