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Guillermo Kuitca is a contemporary painter from Argentina. Guillermo Kuitca was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the year 1961. Kuitca works as a painter, installation artist, draftsman, and sculptor.

Kuitca finds inspiration for his art through cartography(the art of map making), the theater, and architecture.

The artist has been a participant of the famed Sao Paulo Biennial. He also has participated in the Venice Biennial.

Kuitca had an exhibition in Buenos Aires, Argentina of his work when he was 13 years of age.

Below we view an exhibition of work from 2012:

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Kuitca began his career with a critically acclaimed series using mattresses he placed vertically, and then he painted maps on them.

In this clip we view an excerpt from show given in 2014:

Guillermo Kuitca is based out of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The artist has been included in exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art located in New York City, and the Stedelijk Museum located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Guillermo Kuitca has a unique contemporary style. His works that use maps as a subject created on a circular surface are a great mix of basic geometric shapes, and fantastic composition. The artist does a great job at leaving some empty space on the canvas for the viewer to fill in as they wish.