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Maija Isola was a contemporary Finnish textile designer renown for her work with large floral shapes. Maija Isola was born in Riihimacki, Finland in the year 1927.

Isola attended the Helsinki Central School of Art where she studied industrial design.

After college she started working in the textile design industry eventually working with Marimekko and helping them become an international brand.

During the 1980’s the artist worked with her daughter Kristina in designing works for Marimekko. Her daughter has been employed with the company since she was 18 years of age.

In this clip we view some works by Isola with a floral motif:

Maija Isola passed away in 1929. She was 73 years of age.

Whilst at Marimekko Isola created more than 500 prints over a 40 year timespan.

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Maija Isola was highly talented and one of the best in her field. Her prints remind me of much of Andy Warhol’s commercial work in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Isola often used organic floral and botanical motifs that could be found throughout Finland.