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Alvin Lustig was a world renown graphic designer, and one of the first people to master the art of typography. Alvin Lustig was born Denver, Colorado in the year 1915.

One specialty of Lustig’s was to design book jackets. In this clip we view many covers by the artist:

Lustig attended the Los Angeles City College. He also studied with the world renown Frank Lloyd Wright.

The artist was married to Elizabeth Lustig Cohen. She is also world renown for her design, and she will be the next post. Elaine Lustig ran the offices in California and New York. After his passing she went on to become one of the few extremely succesful women in the field.

Alvin Lustig developed diabetes as a teenager. Lustig was nearly blind during the last year of his life, a side effect of the diabetes.

Alvin Lustig passed away on December 5th, 1955. The artist was 40 years of age. He died from complications of diabetes.

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Alvin Lustig had an extraordinary sense of design. Its fun to his many different lettering styles and compare them to modern computer fonts we take for granted on our computers.

One can’t help think how great he would have been had lived to be 85 or 90. All of his great designs were made without a computer! What an incredible artist mind and artist!