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Elaine Lustig Cohen was one of the most successful designers in history. Elaine Lustig Cohen was born in Jersey City, New Jersey in the year 1927. Elaine Lustig Cohen was a painter, printmaker, sculptor, and collage artist.

The artist’s mother encouraged her daughter in her artistic pursuits. Her mother paid for her to take drawing classes, and also helped to pay for her college tuition. Elaine Lustig Cohen attended Tulane University.

She met her first husband, Alvin Lustig who was 12 years older than she, whilst she was an intern at the Modern Institute of Art located in Los Angeles, California.

After Alvin died in 1955 from complications from diabetes, she completed some commissions on her own and found a new career as a designer. She specialized in producing signs for buildings, book covers, and museum covers.

Below a great inteview with Elaine Lustig talking about her late husband Alvin Lustig:

Elaine Lustig married a gentleman named Arthur Cohen in 1956. Arthur Cohen had chosen her to produce covers for the Meridian Book Company which he owned. Her husband would eventually sell the book publishing company and found a rare bookstore that was one of the first to sell imported European items. The store was an overwhelming success.

In this clip we view an interview with Elaine Lustig Cohen that took place 2015:

Elaine Lustig Cohen passed away on October 4th of 2016. She was 89 years of age.

When the artist painted she worked in acrylics, gouache, and oils.

Below a link to the website of the artist:


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Elaine Lustig Cohen was a truely gifted visual artist. Like her first husband she developed a keen sense for the art of typography. She was also a fantastic painter when it came to geometric abstraction.