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Kazuo Shiraga was a Japanese  modernist painter renown for his action painting performances. Kazou Shiraga was born in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture, in the year 1924.

Shiraga attended what is now the Kyoti City University of Arts.

The artist lived as a Buddhist monk from 1970-1971.

The artist was part of a painting group called the Zero Group. This group thought great art was created out of nothing.

Below the first in a series with works by the artist shown. In some images he forgoes the paint brush and uses his fingernail to move the paint! :

Kazuo Shiraga passed away in 2008. The artist was 83 years of age.

The artist was a winner of the Osaka Art Prize.

Part two in the series about Kazuo Shiraga:

Price range information: Shiraga has an auction record of 3.7 million dollars. Tjhe artist also created prints, sorry no price range information on those.

The artist worked in acrylics, watercolor, and oils. He also created a small number of prints.

Kazuo Shiraga was very inventive and always seemed to enjoy the creative process of painting even more than.

We close by looking at part three in the video series: