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Jorg Immendorff was a German art who worked in a Surrealist style. Jorg Immendorff was born in Bleckede, Lower Saxony, Germany in the year 1945. The artist worked in many mediums including painting, sculpture, and performance art.

Immendorff attended the Dusseldorf Art Academy where he studied with Joseph Beuys. The artist also studied theater design with Teo Otto.

One recurring theme in the work of this artist was politics.

The artist was married to Belgium painter Oda Jaune.

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In this clip we see the artist at work in the late 1980’s:

Jorg Immendorff passed away in 2007 from complications of a neurological disorder known as A.L.S. otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. During the last months of his life the artist was unable to move his arms and legs. Immendorff was 61 years of age. The author Stephen Hawkings has this disease as well.

The artist was renown for one series titled Cafe Deutschland. These were sixteen large canvases that showed the interior of a coffee shop establishment.

Jorg Immendorf’s artwork contains a great amount of action and has a great narrative feel. The artist had a great style for portraying a story. His works from the Cafe series show this quality at its best.