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Richard Tinkler is a contemporary painter who often works with interesting visual patterns. Two shapes favored by the artist are the diamond and the triangle.

Richard Tinkler was born in the year 1975. During his childhood Tinkler was not allowed to watch television or listen to pop music, but he was allowed to listen to classical music. Tinkler still enjoys listening to classical music while he paints and and draws.

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Tinkler often works in oils. He often paints wet paint into wet paint. Tinkler usually finishes one piece in one day.

Below a great interview with Tinkler talking about an appearance in a group show. Tinkler appears at the :45 second mark in the clip:

Richard Tinkler is an excellent graphic designer. His use of color and his use of nearly repeating the same shape brings to mind the use of the ink blotted line developed to perfection by Andy Warhol.