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Eduardo Chillida was an internationally renown Spanish sculptor, painter, and draftsman. Eduardo Chillida was born in San Sebastian ,in the Basque region of Spain, in the year 1924.

Price range information: The artist was a prolific printmaker with prices starting at $5,000. For an original steel sculpture the price is over one million dollars.

Chillida studied architecture at the University of Madrid, Spain.

In 1954 the artist received a commission to complete four doors of an old monestary located in the Basque region.

In this clip we view a brief documentary on Eduardo Chillida:

In the early stages of his career Chilllida worked with clay and plaster. Later in his career he worked with steel and granite.

The artist was a participant in the Venice Biennial winning an award for his sculpture entry.

Chillida opened his own museum in 2000.

Eduardo Chillida passed away in 2002.

I enjoy the simple geometric design of the artist’s shapes. They don’t need to be flush with bright colors, the shape is natural and organic on its own.