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James Cauty is a contemporary artist from Britain. James Cauty was born in Totnes, Devon, England in the year 1956. James Cauty works in many mediums including photography. Cauty is also professional musician and helped to lead the ambient music genre.

Cauty formed half of the duo, the KLF. The KLF might be best known for buring one million pounds. The group did this in protest but later regretted the action.

The artist began his artistic career creating posters of the Lord of the Rings. This work was very financially successful selling more than one million posters. Cauty now often creates stamps. These works are sold as stamps and limited edition prints.

Cauty has also branched out into film producing a short story that showed at the Tate Modern in London, England.

One recurring theme in the work is that of government discourse. One work that was created as a protest against the invasion of Iraq that showed United States soldiers with the faces Disney characters trying to show the Iraqi people the invasion would help them out. Another famous work on this subject includes a police shield painted with a happy face.

From the show popularized by the famous Banksy titled Dismaland, a closer look at anarchy around the world we view some of Cauty’s works in this genre:

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Below we visit a show featuring the work of James Cauty from 2011:


James Cauty is a fantastic self taught artist. From music to the visual arts Cauty does a great job at capturing the emotions of large groups of people. My favorite works are his dioramas that show government protest. Like Warhol did with his death series Cauty shows us that art can be dark and very interesting at the same time.