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Ghost Patrol is a contemporary street artist and illustrator. The artist’s government name is David Booth. David Booth was born in Hobart, Tasmania. Ghost Patrol works with imagery of surrealism and science fiction and often include animals.

The artist burst onto the street art scene in 2007 with a series of wheatpaste works. Ghost Patrol now works with many mediums including ceramics and GIF’s.

From time to time Ghost Patrol collaborates with the street artist known as Miso (Stanislava Pinchuk.)

Below we watch as Ghost Patrol paints a work on the side of a shed:

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The artist is based out of Melbourne, Australia.

In this clip we view some works by Ghost Patrol from 2016:

Ghost Patrol often works in mixed media using acrylic and oil pastel.

The artist is part of the permenant collection of the National Gallery of Australia.

David Booth is a great artist and story teller. His mixed media works from acrylics and oil pastels have a nostalgic but still contemporary feel to them.