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Gerald Benney was an internationally renown goldsmith and silversmith from Britain. Gerald Benney was born in Kingston upon Hull, England in the year 1930. Benney attended the Brighton School of Art and the famed Royal Academy of Art.

His father was head of a local art school. His father would later be named head of the Brighton College of Art.

Gerald Benney was also a professor at the Royal Academy.

Price range information: Works range as high as $150,000.

Benney was the only artist to own four royal warrants at the same time. These warrants are given only to certain artists who create works specifically for the British Royal Family.

In this clip from the Antiques Roadshow we view the appraisal of a box made by Gerald Bennett:

The artist also created works of art for the masses which included cutlery from Viners.

In this fantastic clip we pay a visit to the home and studio of the artist in 1965:

Benney was one of the few designers that fought to be paid a royalty, rather than a flat fee for his work. This allowed him to reap the benefits of his designs over a long period of time rather than just getting paid one time for the design as is often the case.

Gerald Benney was perhaps the best goldsmith of his era. This is proven by the fact he was the only artist ever to own four warrants for creating products exclusively for the Royal Family.