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Josef Sudek was a Czech photographer. Josef Sudek was born in Kolin, Bohemia in the year 1896. Sudek is the top image in the photo gallery.

Sudek’s specialty was landscapes shot in black and white. The city he shot the most was Prague, Czechoslovakia. Sudek showed the effects war and oppression had on the city.

Sudek was drafted into the Army. He got injured in his right arm, and as a result his right arm was amputated. He soon received his first camera at this time.

He also received an Army disability after losing his right arm, and this stipend allowed him to focus on his photography.

Below we view an exhibition of work by the artist:

The artist published 16 books over his career.

Price range information: Works range from $10,000 to $175,000.

Sudek enjoyed listening to classical music.

Josef Sudek passed away in 1976.

Josef Sudek had a great eye for capturing images that portrayed the mood of the location. It goes to show that as a photographer you need not be dependent on edition software, great images can be made with editing!