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I have been off for a week celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday and visiting friends and family. Great to be back!

Hector James Van Rensburg is a British painter who is renown for taking photographs of people from social media and turning them into sloths!

Hector James Van Rensburg was born in the United Kingdom in the year 1993.

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The artist currently attends the University of York where he studies politics, economics, and philosophy.

Van Rensburg employs paints by Winsor and Newton.

Below a funny video by the artist:

The artist is also known as the Shitty Watercolour. When he started out he felt his paintings weren’t very good, but over a period of time he built a following on social media and his art improved dramatically.

In 2012 the artist used social media, for a minimum $10 donation you could have your face painted by the artist, to raise money for a charity that provides good drinking water.

The artist is renown for turning people into sloths. Below many people are turned into sloths:

Below a link to the website of the artist:


The artist has created commissions for Wired magazine.

Although the artist was not very good when he began his artistic journey, this was his own admission. Over years and after much critic on social media the artist has evolved to an astounding professional illustrator. What a great story!