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Etienne Gros is a contemporary mixed media artist from France who creates wonderful art of the human torso using foam. Etienne Gros was born in Saint-Dié-Des-Voges, France in the year 1962.

Gros attended the École des Beaux Arts located in Epinal, France. The artist also studied at the École des Beaux Arts located in Paris, and the École des Beaux Arts located in Versailles, France.

In this clip we view an exhibition that took place in 2014:

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When he paints the figure Gros uses acrylic paints. In another unique twist the artist also uses the smoke from lamp oil in his drawings of the human torso. Some examples of this are in picture gallery, very innovative!

Gros uses the medium of mousse polyster in his three dimensional figure works.

The artist has had two books of his artwork published.

What a great style! After centuries of viewing the beauty of the female figure portrayed in wood and stone, its great to see it portrayed in a medium of foam and sponge, which are more akin to the feeling of the figure rather than a hard substance such as stone.

His use of lamp oil in his drawings of the figure is also very unique! Overall Etienne Gros is always developing new ideas on portraying the figure, in this manner he reminds me of Brazilian artist Vic Muniz.