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Joseph No Two Horns was a Native American artist renown for his ledger art. Joseph No Two Horns was born in 1852. In addition to his ledger works the artist also created sculptures and shields.

Joseph No Two Horns was the cousin of the famed Native American leader Sitting Bull. He fought alongside his cousin in Custer’s Last Stand.

A historic legend about the artist was that his horse took seven bullets before collapsing in the famous battle of Custer’s Last Stand.

Over his lifetime the artist participated in more than 40 battles.

Joseph No Two Horns passed away in 1942.

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What an incredible life of adventure! From being on the winning team at Custer’s Battlefield and producing many images of this scene, to creating works of art in memory of this occassion and his outstanding horse, Joseph No Two Horns lived a very long and exciting life. His style of ledger art seems the most skilled when it comes to drawing of the people and the animals.