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Nagakura Kenichi is a contemporary cermics artist who often works with bamboo as his subject matterNagakura Kenichi was born in Shizuoka City, Japan in the year 1952.

Kenichi began his artistic career dyeing fabrics that were used to produce kimonos.

The artist likes to use all parts of the bamboo tree including the parts above and below the ground including the roots.

Kenichi’s work is based on the baskets that are found during certain Japanese ceremonies.

The artist learned his craft by studying with his grandfather. Kenichi spent three years splitting bamboo that his grandfather would turn into wonderful works of art.

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Nagakura Kenichi is an exciting contemporary artist whose range is from abstract works to portrayals of the face and figure. His work is a great blend of the ancient skill of basket making blending with the knowledge of a master when it comes to working with bamboo.