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Djlu is an internationally renown street artist and architect who hails from the country of Colombia. Djlu is best known for his stencil work. He also produces posters, murals, and stickers.

Djlu was born in Bogota, Colombia.

A major them of Djlu’s work deals with violence. The artist tries to show how much violence exists at all levels of society.

The artist began creating urban art in 2004. Djlu enjoys using his stencils to get his art and ideas out to the homeless and urban workers.

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In this clip a short documentary about Djlu:


Some contemporary fans and art critics game him the moniker of the Banksy of Bogota.

What a clever artist from graphic design standpoint. What at first appears just to be a pineapple, is actually a grenade! Djlu reminds of the western painter Bev Doolittle. Both artists do a great job at creating multiple images and patterns in their work. Both artists paint a main picture that is easily seen at first glance, and another work that is somewhat hidden in the first image. Amazing!

In this clip we visit the studio of the artist!: