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Fumi Mini Nakamura is an illustrator renown for her work with birds. Fumi Mini Nakamura was born in Shimuzu, Shizuoka, Japan in the year 1984. The artist moved to the United States when she was twelve years of age.

Nakamura attended San Jose State University where she earned a B.F.A. in pictoral design.

Nakamura enjoys portraying nature and often includes flowers, leaves, animals, and butterflies in her work.

The artist is now based out of Brooklyn, New York.

Price range information: Sorry none available. Nakamura completes most of her work using graphite and ink.

Nakamura is based out of New York City.

Below a link to the website of the artist:


What a great style the artist has created. Her use of design is outstanding and the artist is great at creating interesting compositions infused with living subjects. Her work that portrays the female form and flowers reminds me of the oil painter Nancy Depew.