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Darcy Nicholas is a contemporary painter and sculptor from New Zealand. Darcy Nicholas was born in Waitara, Taranaki, New Zealand in the year 1946.

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In 2005 Nicholas helped to create the Maori Art Market Fair.

The artist was given a Fulbright Scholarship to observe Native American and African American Art in the United States.

Nicholas used to be a police officer before deciding to become a full time artist.

In this clip a brief documentary on the artist:

The work of the artist is held in many prominent collections including the National Gallery of Scotland.

In 2010 he was given the Queens Service Order for the work he has done with museums.

For his paintings the artist often works in acrylics.

With his composition style and great use of dark and light in his work Darcy Nicholas creates a great sense of atmosphere in his lanscape paintings. His paintings of the face also have a wonderful sense of life. They are not overworked but rather just finished enough that they have captured the spirit of the person.