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Herbert Matter was an internationally renown photographer and printmaker. Herbert Matter was born in Engelberg, Switzerland in the year 1907. Matter was one of the first artists to use photomontage. This process involves cutting and rearranging two or more images to create a new image.

The artist began his journey into the art world after relocating to Paris, France. Matter attended the Academie Moderne. Matter found great mentors in Fernand Leger and also Le Corbusier.

Matter also attended the Academy of Art located in Geneva, Switzerland.

Typography was also an important component of his artistic ouvre. He honed his skills in typography whilst working at the legendary designs firm Deberny and Peignot.

The artist was a professor at Yale Univeristy where he taught photography and graphic design.

Price range information: Works range from $4,000 to $15,000.

Herbert Matter passed away in 1984.

The artist served as a design consultant for the Guggenheim Museum.

Below we view the story behind a logo created for the New Haven Railroad:

Matter also received a Fellowship from the Guggenheim Foundation.

Herbert Matter was one of the most innovative photographers in the world. His style of photomontage is one of the most widespread techniques in the world due to computer programs like photoshop.