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Dank is a British contemporary street artist and illustrator. Dank was born in Essex, England in the year 1974. Dank paints in a realistic style often portraying urban scenes in rainy weather.

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The artist’s government name is Dan Kitchener.

Below we follow along a canine friend named Snoop the Dogg and look at some greart street art in London including a great piece by Invader. The work by the artist Dank is shown at the 150 mark, a wonderful portrait of a Geisha:

The artist is based out of London, England.

In this clip we see some art from Dank made for an event sponsored by Liquitex paints:

Below a link to the website of the artist:


Dank’s style is perfect for street art! His work often is a snapshot of the area around the walls he paints on.

If you enjoy his work be sure and check out another fantastic painter of the urban landscape, Canada’s Mark Lague. Both artists do a great job at using light and reflections to give a sense of atmosphere.