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M-City is a contemporary street artist from Poland. M-City was born in the late 1970’s in Gydnia, Poland. M-City style uses many stencils to create an image of an urban landscape. M-City is also an avid printmaker.

M-City creates very large murals. One completed work was done on the side of a ship that measured 150 meters in length.

The artist’s government name is Mariusz Waras.

M-City is based in Gdansk, but has created murals all over the globe.

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In this clip we a brief interview with the artist:

Waras attended the Academy of Art located in Gdansk, Poland. He earned a degree and now gives lectures at the institution.

M-City has a great style for capturing the feel of the urban setting. The artist’s work is inspired by science fiction, machines, and gears. Most of his work is done in black and white which also gives it an industrial feel.