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Robin Day was a world renown furniture designer from Great Britain. Robin Day was born in High Wycombe, England in the year 1915. Day is renown for his modernist design of the chair. His most prominent work was the injection moulded Polypropylene Chair.

Day attended the Royal College of Art. When he graduated there were not any jobs for the artist in furniture design so he took a teaching post at the Beckenham School of Art. Day developed a class that taught 3D design.

The artist also was a professor at what is now called the University of Westminister.

Robin Day was married to Lucienne Day. The couple made a great design team. Lucienne Day lived from 1917 to 2010. Below a closer look at the husband and wife design team:

In addition to chairs and posters Robin Day also found work designing televisions, radios, and carpets.

Below a closer look at his popular design called the Polyprop Chair:

Robin Day was also a highly talented graphic designer who created numerous posters for the Royal Air Force during the period of World War Two.

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Robin Day passed away in 2010. He was 95 years of age.

What an interesting artist who was resposible for so many styles of design across the world. As a child in school I sat in one of his chair designs! Small world!