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Waichi Tsutaka was a prominent Japanese painter with an abstract style. Waichi Tsutaka was born in Nishinomaya, Hyogo Prefecture,  Japan in the year 1911.

Tsutaka attended the Nakanoshima Western Art Centre located in Osaka, Japan.

The artist worked in oils and inks.

Waichi Tsutaka passed away in 1995. The artist was a leading figure in art world based out of Kobe, Japan when the Great Hanshin Earth Quake hit. Tsutaka was one of victim’s of the earthquake. The artist was 83 years of age.

Price range information: In 2016 his record price at auction was $10, 780.

Waichi Tsutaka’s was of the first Japanese artist to paint in the style of hard edged geometric abstraction. He had a wonderful sense of color combined with a minimalist style. His work is very relaxing to see.